Floor Coating

At Infinity Painting, we pride ourselves on standing behind our work and our products. Our floor coatings are no different. We offer a standard 2-year warranty on any floor coating that we apply. We believe our coating system offers our customers an industrial-grade floor coating that will stand the test of time. We buy direct from the manufacturer allowing us to pass on those savings to our clients.

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Our floor coatings system application includes:

  1. Apply degreaser and agitate to remove any grease or oil prior to applying the coating if necessary (This is not necessary on all floors)
  2. Fill stress cracks & minor chips/imperfections with a two-component extremely hard epoxy filler
    Mechanically grind concrete to create a surface that has a surface that will allow a coating to adhere properly
  3. Apply (1) coat high adhesion 2 Component Epoxy coating. (Our Epoxy “prime coat“ has up to 3x more adhesion than other Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings per our manufacturer)
  4. Apply full broadcast plastic flake to Epoxy prime coat
  5. Apply (1) coat Clear Ultra High Solids 2 Component Polyaspartic Coating

Advantages to using our Floor Coating System:

  • We buy direct from the manufacturer passing the savings on to our customers
  • Low VOC green products
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Penetrates deep into porous concrete
  • Abrasion-resistant coating
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • High build finish
  • Hot tire resistant
  • 5 Day return to service on most floors

Where we apply:

Garage concrete floors • Industrial concrete floors • Commercial concrete floors • Retail flooring

After a brief inspection of your concrete by our estimation team, we offer free estimates and can also provide you with a fan deck of our Standard Colors showing the actual coating applied so you are able to see and touch how the floor will look and feel. Hundreds of specialized colors are also available upon request. (Custom colors will incur additional costs and possible start delays)

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